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    PrizmDoc® Viewer has powerful APIs that help you achieve the results you want for viewing, converting, annotating, redacting, e-signing, detecting forms, comparing documents, watermarking, and creating template-based forms.


    Client-Side APIs

    • Viewer Control - The Viewer Control has a robust, client-side JavaScript API giving your application lots of ways to interact with the Viewer running in the browser. Use it to customize Viewer menus and features, programmatically control the Viewer, and respond to Viewer events.

    • E-Signature Controls - The E-Signature Client API includes two kinds of UI controls: a form designer control (TemplateDesigner), and a form entry control (ESigner). You can use these controls and their APIs for implementing form entry in your application.

    Server-Side APIs

    • PAS REST API - The PAS REST API is what your web server should use to create a viewing session whenever you need to render a web page with a Viewer for an end user. It is also the API you should use if you want to pre-generate a viewing package. There are many additional viewing-related endpoints in this REST API which are used by the Viewer itself and which your server-side application is welcome to use as well. However, if you need to do server-side document processing without a Viewer, PrizmDoc Server is a better fit. See "Backend Document Processing" below.

    Backend Document Processing

    PrizmDoc Server

    • REST API - The PrizmDoc Server REST API contains powerful functionality for server-side document processing, including conversion, redaction, annotation, watermarking, and search.

    • .NET SDK - A wrapper around most of the PrizmDoc Server REST API, making it easy to use PrizmDoc Server functionality in .NET.

    Cloud Authentication

    • Cloud Authentication - All REST APIs to PrizmDoc Cloud (PAS and PrizmDoc Server) must be authenticated with an API key or OAuth token. This section explains how to do this.


    • Postman Collections - Shows the most commonly used PrizmDoc API endpoints. Currently, the collections demonstrate PrizmDoc Server APIs and PrizmDoc Application Services (PAS) APIs. You will also find a "Workflows" collection which features some of our most common use-cases. Refer to our guide for information about configuring and using the collections.