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    PrizmDoc License Types

    Metered License

    A Metered License allows you to use all features of the product on as many servers as you want as long as your license is current. As you use the product, the number of documents processed will be automatically reported to Accusoft. When you renew your license, the new expiration date is applied automatically.

    NOTE: To purchase a Metered License, contact

    Offline Metered License

    If your organization’s security restrictions do not allow PrizmDoc to send reports to Accusoft, you can request an Offline Metered License. With the Offline Metered license, your PrizmDoc servers will periodically save product usage reports to a database located within your organization. Prior to license expiration, you will need to obtain a product usage report from PrizmDoc and send it to Accusoft from outside of your secure environment. Then you can negotiate the license renewal terms according to your product usage statistics, and get a renewed license.

    OEM License

    An OEM License allows you to use the features you have paid for according to the terms of your agreement until your license expiration date. All usage reporting is manual, and no network requests are made to Accusoft. When you renew your license, you will be given a new license key with an updated expiration date, and you will be required to reconfigure and redeploy your PrizmDoc Server instances with your new license key.

    NOTE: To purchase an OEM License, contact

    Feature Licensing

    For OEM Licenses you can choose whether or not you want to pay to activate the following features: