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    Create a Custom Tab
    In This Topic


    You can add a new custom tab to the Viewer tab navigation by modifying the markup located in the viewerTemplate.html file. NOTE: Refer to the Customizing the Viewer section for details on using the viewerTemplate.html. The tab must be placed inside the div element with the data attribute data-pcc-nav and it must have a unique data-pcc-nav-tab value:


    <div class\="pcc-tabset pcc-nav-tabset" data-pcc-nav>
        <!-- An example of a custom tab -->
        <div class\="pcc-tab" data-pcc-nav-tab="custom"\>
            <div class\="pcc-tab-item"\>
                <!-- Tab label -->
            <div class\="pcc-tab-pane"\>
                <!-- Tab content -->
        <!-- End custom tab -->