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    Use a Custom Resource Path
    In This Topic


    In some instances you may want to change the path that the viewercontrol.js uses to look for images. For example, instead of img you would like to use images. To achieve this, add the resourcePath parameter to the Viewer plugin configuration options and specify the new path.

    The trailing slash is not required and this path can be absolute or relative. Some examples of valid paths are:

    • "img"
    • "../img"
    • "/PrizmCC_HTML5_Viewer_CS/html5/img"


    var pluginOptions = {
        documentID: viewingSessionId,
        language: languageItems,
        template: htmlTemplates,
        resourcePath: ‘images’

    If you change the image directory name you will also need to update the background image URIs in the Viewer.css.

    The resourcePath is used in the obfuscated code to obtain images like the markhandles. You can work around the hard coded paths in the Viewer.css by editing the Viewer.css.

    For example, you can change the folder to another location on your file system within the same domain. If you want to put the images in a folder called "imgServer1", you can provide resourcePath : "imgServer1" and edit the Viewer.css as shown in the following example:


    .pccv .pccEditMarkButton {
            background-image: url(../imgServer1/EditTextMark@2x.png);