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    Add Custom Image Stamps
    In This Topic


    You can customize the image stamps available to Viewer users by adding or deleting image files from the ImageStamp folder, located by default in:

    • Windows - C:\ProgramData\Accusoft\Prizm\ImageStamp
    • Docker: - <data_folder>/imageStamp, where <data_folder> is the folder that you mapped as /data when creating the container. See Installing / Using Docker for more details.

    By default, two image stamps are included in the installation: a green 'checkmark' and a red 'x'. You can choose to leave these in place, or delete them and add image files of your choosing. PrizmDoc supports the following file extensions for image stamps by default:

    • PNG
    • JPG
    • JPEG
    • GIF


    imageStamps.validTypes: ["png", "jpg", "jpeg", "gif", "svg", "webp", "tiff", "tif"]

    To add more supported file types, refer to the PrizmDoc Application Services (PAS) configuration options.