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    Localize the Viewer
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    The Viewer has a language localization feature which allows you to customize labels and text using a language JavaScript object. The language object is passed as a parameter in the Viewer plugin configuration options:


    var pluginOptions = {
        documentID: viewingSessionId,
        language: languageItems,
        template: htmlTemplates

    Using the Language Parameters

    In viewer.js the language parameters are used in various places. The following example shows a message with the printRangeError language parameter:


    viewer.notify({message: viewer.language.printRangeError});

    When the HTML templates are loaded, the language object is used as template data:


    function renderTemplate(template, data) {
        if (typeof template === 'string') {
            data['data'] = data;
            return _.template(template)(data);
        } else {
            return template(data);
    element.html(renderTemplate(options.template.viewer, options.language));

    The language parameters are then referenced as variables in the templates:


    <!-- This is using the "rotate" parameter from language.json -->
    <button data-pcc-rotate class="pcc-icon pcc-icon-rotate"
         title="<%= data.rotate %>"></button>

    For more information on template syntax see the Underscore.js Template documentation at

    Common Pitfalls

    When editing the language.json file or the templates there may be some errors for which the cause may not be immediately obvious. Here are some common console errors and their possible causes:

    Uncaught TypeError

    • Cannot read property languageElements of undefined - This error is thrown when viewer.js cannot find the language object. Verify that the language.json file is being read and parsed correctly.

    Uncaught ReferenceError

    • x is not defined - This error could be thrown if you have referenced a variable in the HTML templates that is not defined as data when loading the template. Check to see that this variable exists in either the language.json file or as a template data property used when loading a template.