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    Get Started with PrizmDoc Cells Add-on
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    PrizmDoc® Viewer's rendering of Excel files is similar to viewing a spreadsheet in print preview. In many cases, this view will suffice but it can be restrictive if you need to view values as well as formulas in a spreadsheet. If you need a more detailed viewing experience of Excel files, we have built an advanced spreadsheet viewer called PrizmDoc Cells to give PrizmDoc Viewer users the ability to review Excel files exactly as they would appear in the native application.

    You can analyze formulas, view charts and graphs, view multiple spreadsheets in a single workbook, and navigate without pagination. Spreadsheet content and cells can be searched using the search bar. Search term "hits" are highlighted in real-time as you type in the first character. With PrizmDoc Cells, you are able to view formulas as well as formula results, search for key data and words, and not be restricted to viewing dynamic data as a static image.

    PrizmDoc Cells is offered as an option to PrizmDoc Viewer (both Self-Hosted and Cloud) and utilizes the PrizmDoc Content Conversion Service to produce the best fidelity possible when rendering charts and graphs embedded in a spreadsheet.

    Integration with PrizmDoc Viewer

    For more information on obtaining and integrating PrizmDoc Cells into a PrizmDoc Viewer deployment, view the PrizmDoc Cells integration instructions with links to sample code here.

    Evaluation and Deployment Licenses

    For your convenience, PrizmDoc Cells automatically runs in evaluation mode without a license. When you are ready to deploy to production, a license will be required to run PrizmDoc Cells in your production environment. Please contact to obtain a production license.