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    How to Customize the Viewer
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    The Viewer can be customized in a variety of ways, from quick integrations with minimal configuration to complete control over the Viewer API. Tabs and basic DRM functions such as printing, text selection, and document download can be quickly hidden using configuration parameters.

    It's very simple to reorganize menus, add/remove tabs, and customize the look of the Viewer by editing the markup and .css. All Viewer functionality is built on top of the Viewer API, allowing complete control over all Viewer functions.

    Configuration Options

    The Viewer UI and behavior can be configured when the Viewer is embedded by using JavaScript parameters. For example, you can set the following:

    • Displaying/Hiding Tabs and DRM functions
    • Enabling Content Encryption
    • Using a Custom Resource Path
    • Localizing the Viewer
    • How to use Predefined Search
    • Digital Rights Management Configuration

    Customizing Markup and Styles

    If the Viewer needs to be customized more than the configuration options allow, all UI code is open-source and can be modified to change the following:

    • Reorganizing Menus
    • Creating a Custom Tab
    • Changing annotation default values
    • Changing the position of the menu bar
    • Customizing Styles (css)

    Viewer API

    The Viewer API permits programmatic control over the Viewer. The API allows callers to augment, customize, or automate the end user’s experience with the Viewer. Functionality that is exposed through the Viewer API includes:

    • Creating and destroying the Viewer
    • Events
    • Page navigation
    • Zooming and fitting content
    • Mark (annotation and redaction) CRUD
    • Markup saving and loading
    • Customizing mouse tools
    • Searching document text
    • Printing
    • Getting page and document attributes

    In addition to the code samples provided in this section, we have a number of interactive, live code examples on our website.