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    Module: form-extraction
    In This Topic

    Module: form-extraction

    Performs detection and extraction of form data (such as PDF AcroForm fields) in the document.

    When viewer is ready, this module sends a request to determine if the document in a viewing session has acroforms or may contain raster forms. If so, the module provides a modal dialog to cancel or attempt form extraction. The process to get results of the extraction can be cancelled once started. Users are notified of successful conversion and unsupported field types with appropriate popup messages. Errors, occurring during form extraction, are displayed in the same modal dialog, which starts the conversion.


    var FormExtraction = require('form-extraction.js');
    // a generic Viewer constructor
    function Viewer(opts) {
        var myFormExtraction = FormExtraction(this, {
            elem: document.getElementById('formExtraction')

    (require("form-extraction"))(viewerObj, options)

    Creates the form extraction module.

    Name Type Description
    viewerObj Core

    The core viewer to which the module will attach.

    options Object

    An options object.

    Name Type Description
    elem HTMLElement

    The element in which the module UI will be inserted.

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