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    Use the Markup JSON Schema
    In This Topic


    The PrizmDoc Server and PAS Markup Burner APIs support JSON Markup content and use a JSON Schema definition to validate incoming JSON content for structure, required properties, and value types. You can validate JSON Markup against this Schema manually to determine root causes of schema validation errors.

    See the Markup JSON Specification topic for a human-readable version of the schema.


    You can use one of the libraries/tools listed in the The JSON Schema documentation to validate your Markup content outside of PrizmDoc using your language of choice. PrizmDoc uses everit-org/json-schema internally.


    Because the Schema definition uses a oneOf directive to compare against all of our possible mark types, most validators will return error messages for all mark types, not just the type you specify in the markup type property. You will need to filter for the errors related to the Schema that most closely matches the mark type.

    Download the Schema

    Click here to view the JSON Schema definition. To download it, right-click on the same link and select "Save link/target as...".