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    Text Files
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    This section outlines possible reasons why some text documents rendered differently than expected.

    The text file shows only a single line of text when rendered by PrizmDoc

    For text files which only show a single line of text, the text file may have Mac-style line endings - CR (or '\r') only without line feed character LF (or '\n'). To verify, open text file in Notepad++ and select View, Show Symbol, Show All characters.

    The text file has an unexpected page size when rendered by PrizmDoc

    Text file page size is a system wide setting which depends on operating system configuration.


    The page size depends on the Microsoft Windows regional setting format value; for instance the English (US) value will produce Letter page size, while the French (France) value will produce A4 page size.


    The page size depends on the /etc/papersize Linux configuration value, which can be changed by the paperconfig utility. A list of available paper sizes can be found in the papersize Linux man page.

    Example of changing the page size to Letter on RedHat and CentOS platforms

    sudo yum install libpaper
    sudo paperconfig -p letter

    Example of changing the page size to Letter on Ubuntu platform

    sudo apt install libpaper-utils
    sudo paperconfig -p letter


    The PrizmDoc Server Docker image has A4 default page size. Use the above Ubuntu platform example to change the page size. For more information about extending the PrizmDoc Server Docker container, see Using Docker