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    Offline Metered Licensing
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    An Offline Metered License allows you to use all features of the product on as many servers as you want as long as you periodically report the number of documents processed by your servers to Accusoft. You can request such a license from Accusoft if your organization’s security restrictions do not allow PrizmDoc to send reports to Accusoft automatically.

    With an Offline Metered license, your PrizmDoc server, or each PrizmDoc server in your cluster, will periodically save product usage reports to a database located within your organization. The license will be time limited (typically by one year). Prior to license expiration, you will need to obtain a product usage report from PrizmDoc and send it to Accusoft from outside of your secure environment. Then you can negotiate the license renewal terms according to your product usage statistics, and get a renewed license.

    To purchase an Offline Metered License, contact


    • You must be running PrizmDoc Server v13.23 or greater.
    • You must confugure the Central Database so that PrizmDoc can accumulate product usage statistics.

    NOTE: Use of a Central Database for PrizmDoc will be required in a future release in order to move towards eliminating server affinity.


    To configure a PrizmDoc Server instance to use an Offline Metered License:

    1. Update two values in your Central Configuration file (prizm-services-config.yml):

      • license.key - Set to your Offline Metered License key (like
      • license.solutionName - Set to your solution name (like My Product), chosen at the time of purchase. This value must match the value encoded in the license key itself.
    2. Configure the Central Database.

    3. Start/Restart PrizmDoc Server to apply the new license key.

    Once PrizmDoc Server starts and reports healthy, you are licensed and ready for production traffic.

    To renew the license:

    1. Use GET /usageReport to obtain the usage report for your PrizmDoc Server or Cluster; save the report returned from PrizmDoc to a text file.

    2. Transfer the report file outside of your secure environment.

    3. Upload usage reports for all of your clusters to the Customer Portal, as follows:

      • Log onto the Accusoft Customer Portal and switch to the Usage tab.
      • Select your offline metered license from the dropdown list.
      • Select your report and specify the cluster name (even if you have just one cluster or only a single instance).
      • Click "Upload Report".
      • Repeat for all of your clusters.

      NOTE: You can upload additional reports for the same cluster as many times as necessary. However, if some of the new records differ from the ones you previously uploaded, the report will be rejected. Most likely, it means that you tried to upload data from different clusters, specifying the same cluster name.

    4. Contact Accusoft to obtain the new license key.


    What counts as a "processed document"?

    With an Offline Metered License, PrizmDoc counts the same operations as it does with the regular Metered License. Please see What counts as a "processed document"? in the Metered License topic.

    What happens if the Central Database is not properly configured?

    If you attempt to start PrizmDoc with an Offline Metered License and the Central Database is not configured, or the PrizmDoc user does not have the necessary permissions, PrizmDoc will refuse to start.

    What happens if PrizmDoc Server is unable to contact the database?

    If a connection to the Central Database cannot be established during the product startup, or the necessary privileges are not provided, PrizmDoc will refuse to start.