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    Install on Windows
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    PAS is delivered as part of the "PrizmDoc Client" installer. If you have questions about requirements before installing, refer to the System Requirements & Supported Environments topic. If you have questions about licensing options, refer to the Licensing topic.

    NOTE: If you have an updated license, you must re-start PAS and PrizmDoc Server in order to use the new license.

    To install PAS, follow these steps:

    1. Download the "PrizmDoc Client" installer from the website.

    2. Double-click on the PrizmDocClient-xx application file to launch the installer (where xx represents the version). Click Install PrizmDoc Client.

    3. Carefully read the information contained in the License Agreement form before making a decision to accept the terms of the agreement. Choose I accept the terms in the License Agreement to accept the conditions outlined in the License Agreement and then click Next to continue the installation (or click Cancel to exit the installation process).

    4. The Select Features dialog is displayed. The Select Features dialog allows you to define what components of PrizmDoc Viewer you want to install:

      • Legacy Samples – Installs various legacy samples. DEPRECATION NOTICE: The Legacy Windows Samples have been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. If you are currently using them, we recommend you use our updated Sample Applications.
      • PAS (PrizmDoc Application Services) - Installs PAS.
      • Configure ASP.NET Samples with IIS - This option is only available if both IIS and ASP.NET 4.0+ are present.
      • Re-register 4.0 with IIS - This option is only available if both IIS and ASP.NET 4.0+ are present.

        Once you have made your selections, click Next to continue.

    5. If you are installing the PAS (PrizmDoc Application Services), you have the option to enter the PrizmDoc Viewer server address to test the connection. The default PrizmDoc Server address is shown in the text field. You may also skip this step, and configure the server address manually later on.

      Enter the server address for your PrizmDoc Server into the text field provided. Click Test to verify access to your PrizmDoc Server.

      A valid URL for the PrizmDoc Server will include http or https, a domain name, and a port number.

      Click Next to continue the installation.

    6. The Installation Path dialog is displayed. Specify the destination directory where the Viewer should be installed, or choose the default installation destination directory, then click Next.

    7. The Account Information dialog is displayed. Here you define the Windows user account that will be used to run PAS.

      During installation, when specifying a Windows user account for PAS, you MUST choose a user which has Administrator privileges. Otherwise, the installation will fail.

    8. Once you have entered in all of the appropriate information, click Install to continue.

    9. Once installation is done, click Finish to exit the Installer.

    10. Go to Check the Connection to PrizmDoc Server to make sure PAS is correctly connected to PrizmDoc Server.