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    Unattended Install & Uninstall
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    PAS is delivered as part of the "PrizmDoc Client" installer. This installer can be run unattended.

    NOTE: If you have an updated license, you must re-start PAS and PrizmDoc Server in order to use the new license.

    There are two required properties:

    • ServiceUser - Required. Windows account which the PAS service should be run with. Must be in the format DOMAIN\USER.
    • ServicePassword - Required. Password for ServiceUser.

    There are several optional properties:

    • InstallFolder - Base installation directory for the product. Default is "C:\Prizm".
    • SelectedClientFeatures - Features to install. Can be either empty or a comma-separated list of values containing any of the following:
      • "ProductFeature" - Is required so that the "Prizm Application Services" Windows service is installed. By setting it to only "ProductFeature," the samples and local file viewer are not installed.
      • "ClientFeature" - Installs the Viewer and Sample files only without installing the "Prizm Application Services" Windows service.
      • "HTML5Viewer" - Is required to install the HTML5 Samples to IIS.
      • "LocalFileViewerFeature" - Installs "Prizm Application Services" Windows service, Viewer, and Sample files without adding Samples to IIS.
    • IISConfigureSamples - Whether to configure the samples with IIS or not. Set to "1" for yes and set to an empty string for no. Default is "1".
    • IISReregister - Whether to re-register ASP.NET v4 with IIS or not. Set to "1" for yes and set to an empty string for no. Default is "1".
    • SelectedPASFeatures - Can be set to "ALL" to include PAS features or set to an empty string to not include them. Default is "ALL".
    • -s - Performs a silent installation.
    • -l output.log - Creates an install log and saves it to a file called "output.log".

    Finally, you can also specify how PAS should connect to PrizmDoc Server. If you do, you must provide all three of the following properties:

    • PrizmScheme - PrizmDoc Server protocol. Value may be either "HTTP" or "HTTPS".
    • PrizmHost - PrizmDoc Server hostname or IP address.
    • PrizmPort - PrizmDoc Server port.

    DEPRECATION NOTICE: The previously deprecated local file viewer will be removed in a future release.


    Silent Installation without Sample Installation

    > start /wait PrizmDocClient.exe ServiceUser="\PrizmDocUser" ServicePassword="PrizmDocPassword" SelectedClientFeatures="ProductFeature" SelectedPASFeatures="ALL" IISConfigureSamples="" IISReregister="" -s -l output.log

    Silent Installation with Sample Installation

    NOTE: Requires IIS to be installed

    > start /wait PrizmDocClient.exe ServiceUser="\PrizmDocUser" ServicePassword="PrizmDocPassword" SelectedClientFeatures="ProductFeature,HTML5Viewer" SelectedPASFeatures="ALL" IISConfigureSamples="1" IISReregister="1" -s -l output.log

    Silent Uninstall

    > start /wait PrizmDocClient.exe -s -u -l output.lo