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    Base URL for PrizmDoc Server
    In This Topic


    When making REST API calls to PrizmDoc Server, you need to use the appropriate base URL.

    PrizmDoc Cloud

    If you are using our PrizmDoc Cloud offering, the base URL for the PrizmDoc Server APIs varies depending on your region:

    Region PrizmDoc Server Base URL
    United States

    Remember that PrizmDoc Cloud requires you to authenticate each request with an acs-api-key request header.

    PrizmDoc Viewer Self-Hosted (Self-Hosted)

    When hosting PrizmDoc Server yourself, just use the hostname and port of your PrizmDoc Server instance (or the hostname and port of the load balancer which sits in front of your PrizmDoc Server cluster).

    For a typical installation on localhost, the PrizmDoc Server base URL will be: