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    Work with Document Comparison Programmatically
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    The API offers methods to request revisions and to get those requested revisions once they have been retrieved.

    Requesting and Getting Revisions

    Request the revisions for a given document comparison. Revisions requests complete asynchronously. A PCCViewer.RevisionsRequest will be returned that provides events for revisions retrieval progress and members to access retrieved revisions:


    // Request revisions
    var revisionsRequest = viewerControl.requestRevisions(); 
    // Subscribe to the PartialRevisionsAvailable event to get revisions as they become available
    revisionsRequest.on('PartialRevisionsAvailable', function(_event) { 
        // Get the newly available revisions
        var newRevisions = _event.partialRevisions; 
    // Subscribe to the RevisionsRetrievalCompleted event to get revisions when all of them are available
    revisionsRequest.on("RevisionsRetrievalCompleted", function(){ 
        // Get all of the revisions for that comparison
        var revisions = revisionsRequest.getRevisions();