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Administrator Guide / Error Reporting / Accusoft Policy on Log Changes
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    Accusoft Policy on Log Changes
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    Accusoft is moving towards using JSON as the format for each log line. This makes it easier for us to programmatically analyze log data to improve the product. While it is possible to write your own programs that analyze our log data, please be aware that raw log data may change from release to release, and that logged events may be added, removed, or changed in a variety of ways. Specifically:

    • New log events may be added.
    • New properties may be added to existing log events.
    • Existing log events may no longer be logged.
    • Existing properties may be removed from existing log events.
    • The minimum level of an existing log event (10 for TRACE, 20 for DEBUG, 30 for INFO, etc.) may change.

    Additionally, log files that do not currently use JSON as their logging format will be replaced at some point by JSON logging.