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    OEM License
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    An OEM License allows you to use the features you have paid for according to the terms of your agreement until your license expiration date.

    All usage reporting is manual, and no network requests are made to Accusoft.

    Whenever you renew an OEM License, you will be given a new license key with an updated expiration date, and you will be required to reconfigure and redeploy your PrizmDoc Server instances with the new license key.

    To purchase an OEM License, contact


    To configure a PrizmDoc Server instance to use an OEM License:

    1. Update two values in your Central Configuration file (prizm-services-config.yml):

      • license.key - Set to your OEM License key (like
      • license.solutionName - Set to your solution name (like My Product), chosen at the time of purchase. This value must match the value encoded in the license key itself.
    2. Start/Restart PrizmDoc Server to apply the new license key.

    That's it. Once PrizmDoc Server starts and reports healthy, you are licensed and ready for production traffic.