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    Log File Growth
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    This section outlines possible reasons why some log files grow larger than expected.

    The plb.sep_single.log.x/plb.sep_multi.log.x and ContentConversionService.log.x logs are taking up excessive space

    If those log files occupy some 50% or more of the total log size, it could indicate that you are polling /v2/contentConverters too frequently. To verify how often you are polling the post request you can check the following:

    1. Search for lines matching "taskBegin.GET.v2/contentConverters" in those log files to see how frequently it is polled.
    2. Compare the number of POST contentConverters (lines matching "taskBegin.POST.v2/contentConverters") vs the number of GET contentConverters (lines matching "taskBegin.GET.v2/contentConverters") to see how many poll requests are issued against each conversion, on average.

    When polling "GET /v2/contentConverters", frequently the API call executes constantly with no pause in between each call. This would cause the ratio of number of polls per POST to be high depending on how long it takes to convert the document. Modifying the polling to check once every 3-5 seconds would reduce the number of logged items significantly and reduce the size of the log file.

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