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    In This Topic


    The PAS REST API supports viewing functionality.

    For automated document processing that does not involve a viewer, use the PrizmDoc Server REST API instead.

    Check out our Postman collections, which show the most commonly used PrizmDoc API endpoints. Currently, the collections demonstrate PrizmDoc Server APIs and PrizmDoc Application Services (PAS) APIs. You will also find a "Workflows" collection which features some of our most common use-cases. Refer to our guide for information about configuring and using the collections.

    General Information

    Areas of Functionality

    The PAS REST APIs can be broken into three main groups:

    Application Development

    These are the REST APIs you will most-commonly use:

    Self-Hosted Administration

    This REST API is useful if you are self-hosting PAS instances:

    Viewer Support

    These REST APIs are used by our viewer. It is uncommon for your application to need to use them: