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    Implement our Top Features
    In This Topic


    This topic is a quick reference for you to review our top features and decide which ones you want to implement:

    • Customize the Viewer - There are several ways to customize the Viewer, from quick integrations with minimal configuration to complete control over the Viewer API. You can create a chrome-less viewer or create your own custom controls including page navigation, zooming, thumbnails, searching, and printing. The following levels of customization are available:
      • Level 1 - Out-of-the-Box - By adding the jQuery plugin to your web application with minimal code, you can use the full features of the Viewer with no customization necessary.
      • Level 2 - Customize Using Configuration Parameters - The Viewer has a number of configuration options that allow you to control basic functions like tab display and localization just by launching the Viewer using Initialization Parameters and uiElements. For many developers, the flexibility provided here will be sufficient.
      • Level 3 - Simple Interface Customization - By having an open markup and UI template design, minor customization such as moving, hiding, and renaming UI elements can be done by modifying HTML templates. You can also inject your own code to add additional functionality and workflow.
      • Level 4 - Advanced Customization - With a complete viewer API, you may opt to do advanced customization, including building your own viewer from the ground up. See the Developer Guide for more details.
    • Annotate Documents - A complete set of annotation tools including text commenting, image stamps, highlights, hyperlink, and polyline annotations and more.
    • Redact Documents - Auto-redact features that are perfect for eDiscovery, research, and other collaborative applications where security is a top priority.
    • View Large Documents - Minimize the load time and optimize performance for viewing and searching large documents. Server-side search reduces memory load in the Viewer, increasing performance of large document search results.
    • Pre-Convert Documents - Use the Pre-conversion API in PrizmDoc Application Services (PAS) to experience nearly instantaneous viewing of documents.
    • Natively Render Microsoft Office Documents - A valuable Microsoft Office Conversion (MSO) feature that provides true native viewing of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.
    • Detect PDF AcroForm or Raster File - The RESTful API quickly and accurately auto-detects form fields to convert existing documents into fillable forms that are simple to fill out and sign. Convert text, checkbox, and signature fields on AcroForm documents or automatically detect text fields from scanned TIFF or bitmap documents, creating interactive fillable form fields.
    • Document Comparison - Document comparison is the process of cross-checking new versions of a document against previous versions so that you can see the changes. These changes could include formatting modifications such as font or spacing changes, grammatical changes, or the addition or omission of words, sentences, clauses or paragraphs. For more details on how to implement Document Comparison, refer to the following topics:
    • Hybrid Viewing - Use Hybrid Viewing (also referred to as client-side PDF viewing) to offload processing from the server to the client. Allows servers to support more concurrent users. This feature requires metered licensing.
    • Viewing Packages - Viewing Packages can be used to pre-convert documents for viewing later to reduce load times for users. You can also create PDF Viewing Packages, which are lightweight Viewing Packages with only PDF content for use with Hybrid Viewing. See the PDF-only Viewing Packages topic for more information regarding PDF Viewing Packages.