PrizmDoc Viewer v13.23 - Updated
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    Try It!
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    We have a public Docker image which makes it easy to evaluate PrizmDoc Viewer on a single machine: accusoft/prizmdoc-viewer-eval.


    To run the PrizmDoc Viewer Eval, you need a machine with Docker installed (a Docker host). See the Docker documentation for more information.

    Minimum Required Hardware Resources

    Before running, you MUST make sure that you've configured Docker to use the following minimum hardware resources:

    • CPUs: 2
    • Memory: 8 GB

    NOTE: If you try to run this image with fewer CPUs or less memory, it may not function correctly.


    Running this image will:

    1. Start a demo web application at http://localhost:8888 where you can easily explore the Viewer and its features using your own documents.
    2. Start a complete PrizmDoc Viewer backend which you can begin using for local development of your application.

    NOTE: The accusoft/prizmdoc-viewer-eval Docker image is only suitable for evaluation and local development. It is not suitable for a production deployment. You'll want to use the accusoft/prizmdoc-application-services and accusoft/prizmdoc-server Docker images instead. See the Admin Guide for more information.

    Next Steps

    Our "Hello Viewer" Samples help you understand the fundamentals of integrating PrizmDoc Viewer into a web application.