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    Configure Custom CAD Fonts
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    This section explains how to add fonts to PrizmDoc's default font set for the conversion and viewing of CAD documents. ​

    Providing Additional Fonts

    Some CAD files may include fonts that are not included in PrizmDoc. In this case, PrizmDoc will automatically choose the most appropriate substitute font to use in its place. The substitution process isn’t always perfect, and as a result, you may see garbled/unrecognizable characters in the Viewer. PrizmDoc supports both SHX regular and big fonts as well as TrueType fonts for rendering CAD documents. In order to provide additional fonts for PrizmDoc to pull from, you can add SHX font files to the <install_dir>/modules/cad-fonts directory.

    Additional TrueType fonts may also be placed in the <install_dir>/modules/cad-fonts directory. For TrueType fonts we recommend using the system fonts folder instead.

    NOTE: Because browser support for SVG glyph elements has been deprecated, as of PrizmDoc v13.20 the text in CAD files is instead converted to SVG paths when possible. In some cases where the font for the text is not available, the text will appear worse than it did in previous versions of PrizmDoc. To resolve this, you will need to provide the font files for the fonts that are used in your CAD files, as described above.