The PrizmDoc® for Java IBM Content Navigator (ICN) Plugin and Content Handler enables easy integration with IBM’s Content Navigator.

PrizmDoc® for Java Server

The PrizmDoc® for Java Server forms the backbone of the imaging and viewing experience. The PrizmDoc® for Java Server is responsible for managing all user requests and handling communication between the Viewer and the Connector.

PrizmDoc® for Java Connector for ICN

The Virtual Viewer provides a framework for integrating with external ECM Systems utilizing customized Connectors. The Virtual Viewer Connector for ICN consists of two components that work together to enable the Virtual Viewer integration with IBM Content Navigator. Those components are as follows:

1. PrizmDoc® for Java Content Handler for ICN

It is the responsibility of the Content Handler to manage the Virtual Viewer’s interaction with the back end ECM System and to ensure that documents and data are retrieved from and saved in the ECM System accurately.

2. PrizmDoc® for Java Plugin for ICN

The PrizmDoc® for Java Plugin for ICN is implemented as a plug-in within IBM Content Navigator and delivers requests from ICN to the PrizmDoc® for Java/Content Handler.

PrizmDoc® for Java and ICN architecture