IMPORTANT: For version v5.12.0 and earlier, the product’s name was VirtualViewer®. For version 5.13.0 and later, the product’s name is PrizmDoc® for Java. For consistency, we will refer to the product as PrizmDoc for Java throughout the documentation, except in the release notes.

Below you can find a list of various tips and troubleshooting items. If you encounter an issue that is not covered by the documentation. Accusoft technical support is standing by to help you succeed.

Error Codes

Please note that PrizmDoc® for Java error codes will always return as a negative number.

Submitting a Ticket to Accusoft Support

In order to get a fast, helpful response, please make sure Accusoft has everything needed to reproduce the issue, including:

  • The configuration files: index.html, config.js, and .\WEB-INF\web.xml.
  • The document that the user is trying to view. Most issues are document specific.
  • The Java console log and the server log.
  • A list of steps that the customer took from starting the Viewer until they see the error.
  • It is often helpful to have screen shot of what the user is doing when they encounter the error as well.
  • The version of PrizmDoc® for Java and Java that are being used.

Once you have all of the relevant information please submit a ticket with Accusoft Support Portal.

Tips Troubleshooting