PrizmDoc for Java documentation

IMPORTANT: For version v5.12.0 and earlier, the product’s name was VirtualViewer®. For version 5.13.0 and later, the product’s name is PrizmDoc® for Java. For consistency, we will refer to the product as PrizmDoc for Java throughout the documentation, except in the release notes.

We are continuing work to make our documentation easier to use, find, and search. As a part of that effort, we have created this new site to host PrizmDoc® for Java Software documentation going forward. While we will continue to include an “offline” version included in the software builds for the time being, the online version should be considered the canonical version.

The new documentation site provides the following features:

  • Single-topic pages.
  • Improved search (compared to PDF search).
  • Improved syntax highlighting for code samples.
  • Print-specific templates for when you need a PDF. Modern browsers’ built-in system print should auto-select the correct stylesheets when you print a page on this website.
  • (Limited) mobile support.
  • Have a feature request? Please let us know!

This build was created on April 12, 2024, and targets the following software version:

  • PrizmDoc® for Java 5.13.0

If you are looking for another version of PrizmDoc® for Java, please see Documentation for other software versions.