IMPORTANT: For version v5.12.0 and earlier, the product’s name was VirtualViewer®. For version 5.13.0 and later, the product’s name is PrizmDoc® for Java. For consistency, we will refer to the product as PrizmDoc for Java throughout the documentation, except in the release notes.

Easy-to-Use in Any Environment

PrizmDoc® for Java is equipped with powerful and sophisticated features and functionality.

True cross-platform support: PrizmDoc® for Java is a universal viewer that operates seamlessly on any platform with both a pure Java solution with Java-based server components.

No Downloads: No application download or client-side installation is required, making it a trouble-free solution for users as well as IT administrators.

Localized UI: The viewer’s intelligent localization capabilities auto-detect browser settings and display in the proper language.

High-speed viewing: With advanced server processing, the viewer delivers an extremely high-speed response.

Seamless Integration into ECM Applications: PrizmDoc® for Java integrates into existing back end repositories and homegrown applications. PrizmDoc® for Java also offers a variety of out of the box ECM connectors (Alfresco, IBM FileNet, and OpenText/Documentum) with seamless integration.

One Quick & Easy 10 Minute Installation

Installation of PrizmDoc® for Java takes less than 10 minutes for POCs on any desktop, laptop, and virtual machine. After the quick and easy install, PrizmDoc® for Java is then backed by Accusoft’s award-winning and responsive support team. Accusoft’s skilled network of system integrators can further enhance the benefits of PrizmDoc® for Java with custom integration to your existing system.

Technical Information

PrizmDoc® for Java provides the option of a Java server component. The viewer operates in all modern browsers (Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and mobile browsers).

Server options:

  • UNIX servers including Linux, Sun, IBM, HP, Mac
  • Windows servers including Server 2016, 2012, 2010, 2008 and 2007. Server 2019 coming soon.