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General Objects
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This section describes a group of objects that provide access to PDF document's components such as metadata, pages, fonts, etc. These objects and functions allow applications to manipulate the PDF content and data. Some of the objects allow you to work with host system fonts and encodings, and the supplementary objects such as Atom and Stream used to simplify and optimize working with PDF content.

The following table describes the general objects supported by the ImageGear PDF component:

General Objects
HIG_PDF_ACTION Handle to a PDF action object, which is a task that is performed when a user clicks on a link or a bookmark.
HIG_PDF_ATOM Atom - a hashed token used in place of strings to optimize performance (it is much faster to compare Atoms than strings). Many functions use Atoms.
HIG_PDF_BOOKMARK Handle to a PDF bookmark object, which allows the user to navigate interactively from one part of the document to another.
HIG_PDF_DESTINATION Handle to a PDF destination object, which represents a particular view of a page in a document.
HIG_PDF_DOC Document - the underlying PDF representation of a document. Through PDF Document, your application can perform most of the Edit Pages operations (delete, replace, and so on). Thumbnails can be created and deleted through this object. You can set and retrieve document information fields through this object as well.
HIG_PDF_PAGE Page - a single page in the PDF representation of a document. A page contains a series of objects representing the objects drawn on the page (Graphic), a list of resources used in drawing the page, annotations (Annotation), an optional thumbnail image of the page, and the beads used in any articles that occur on the page.
HIG_PDF_STREAM Stream - a data stream that may be a buffer in memory, or an arbitrary user-written procedure. Typically used to extract or provide data.
HIG_PDF_STYLE Style - provides access to information about the fonts, font sizes, and colors used in a Word.
HIG_PDF_SYSENCODING SysEncoding - provides system encoding for a PDF file.
HIG_PDF_SYSFONT SysFont - a reference to a font installed in the host system. SysFont methods allow you to list the fonts available in the host system and to find a font in the system that matches a PDE Font, if it is present.
HIG_PDF_WORD Word - a word in a PDF file. Each word contains a sequence of characters in one or more styles (see Style).
HIG_PDF_WORDFINDER WordFinder - extracts words from a PDF file, and enumerates the words on a single page or on all pages in a document.

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