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Handle to a PDF bookmark object, which allows the user to navigate interactively from one part of the document to another. It consists of a tree-structured hierarchy of bookmarks. Each bookmark has:

The typical action for a user-created bookmark is to move to another location in the current document or outside of it. Each bookmark in the bookmark tree structure has zero or more children that appear indented on screen, and zero or more siblings that appear at the same indentation level. All bookmarks except the bookmark at the top level of the hierarchy have an one parent, i.e., the bookmark under which it is indented. A bookmark is said to be open if its children are visible on the screen, and closed if they are not.

See the section 8.2.2, "Document Outline," in the PDF Reference for more information on bookmarks.


IG_PDF_bookmark_add_child Adds hChildBookmark as the last child of parent.
IG_PDF_bookmark_add_new_child Adds a new bookmark to the tree containing hBookmark.
IG_PDF_bookmark_add_next Adds hNewNext as the new right sibling to hBookmark.
IG_PDF_bookmark_add_new_sibling Adds a new bookmark to the tree containing hBookmark as the new right sibling.
IG_PDF_bookmark_add_prev Adds hNewPrev as the new left sibling to hBookmark.
IG_PDF_bookmark_add_subtree Adds a copy of the bookmark sub-tree source to hBookmark.
IG_PDF_bookmark_delete Deletes a bookmark object.
IG_PDF_bookmark_find_title Gets the first bookmark whose title is lpTitle.
IG_PDF_bookmark_get_action Gets hBookmark's action.
IG_PDF_bookmark_get_color Gets the color of the specified bookmark.
IG_PDF_bookmark_get_count Gets the number of open bookmarks in a sub-tree.
IG_PDF_bookmark_get_first_child Gets hBookmark's first child.
IG_PDF_bookmark_get_flags Gets the flags of the specified bookmark.
IG_PDF_bookmark_get_indent Gets the indentation level of a bookmark in its containing tree.
IG_PDF_bookmark_get_last_child Gets hBookmark's last child.
IG_PDF_bookmark_get_next Gets hBookmark's next (right) sibling.
IG_PDF_bookmark_get_parent Gets hBookmark's parent bookmark.
IG_PDF_bookmark_get_prev Gets hBookmark's previous (left) sibling.
IG_PDF_bookmark_get_title Gets hBookmark's title.
IG_PDF_bookmark_has_children Tests whether a bookmark has children.
IG_PDF_bookmark_is_open Tests whether a bookmark is open.
IG_PDF_bookmark_remove Removes hBookmark sub-tree from the bookmark tree containing it.
IG_PDF_bookmark_remove_action Removes hBookmark's action.
IG_PDF_bookmark_set_action Sets hBookmark's action.
IG_PDF_bookmark_set_color Sets hBookmark's color.
IG_PDF_bookmark_set_flags Sets the flags of the specified bookmark.
IG_PDF_bookmark_set_open Opens or closes a bookmark.
IG_PDF_bookmark_set_title Sets hBookmark's title.
IG_PDF_bookmark_unlink Unlinks a bookmark from the bookmark tree that contains it.
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