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Handle to a PDF action object, which is a task that is performed when a user clicks on a link or a bookmark. Action types include:

See Section 8.5 in the PDF Reference for more information on actions.


IG_PDF_action_create Creates a new action object.
IG_PDF_action_create_destination Creates a new action that takes the user to the specified destination view.
IG_PDF_action_create_filename Creates an action of the specified type from a file name.
IG_PDF_action_delete Deletes an action object.
IG_PDF_action_get_destination Gets an action's destination view.
IG_PDF_action_get_dictionary Gets the dictionary corresponding to an action.
IG_PDF_action_get_filename Gets a file name from an action.
IG_PDF_action_get_type Gets an action's type.
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