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Handle to the system font object. A reference to a font installed in the host system. SysFont methods allow you to list the fonts available in the host system and to find a font in the system that matches a PDE Font, if it is present.


IG_PDF_sysfont_enumerate Enumerates all of the system fonts with a user-supplied procedure.
IG_PDF_sysfont_find Finds a system font that matches the requested attributes.
IG_PDF_sysfont_find_for_pdefont Finds a system font that matches the requested hFont.
IG_PDF_sysfont_get_platform_data Gets platform-specific data for use by user interface code.
IG_PDF_sysfont_get_attrs Gets the attributes of a system font.
IG_PDF_sysfont_get_cid_system_info Derives the registry, ordering, and supplement information of a multi-byte system font.
IG_PDF_sysfont_get_create_flags This function obtains lpnFlags that can be passed to IG_PDE_font_create_from_sysfont_and_encoding.
IG_PDF_sysfont_get_info Gets high-level information about a system font.
IG_PDF_sysfont_get_name Gets the PostScript or TrueType styled name for a system font.
IG_PDF_sysfont_get_widths Gets the widths of a single byte encoded system font.
IG_PDF_sysfont_release_platform_data Releases platform-specific data for the specified hSysFont.
IG_PDF_sysfont_release Releases a system font object.
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