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Handle to a PDF destination object, which represents a particular view of a page in a document. It contains a reference to a page, a rectangle on that page, and information specifying how to adjust the view to fit the window's size and shape. See section 8.2, "Document-Level Navigation," in the PDF Reference for more information on destinations.


IG_PDF_destination_create Creates a new destination object.
IG_PDF_destination_delete Deletes a destination object.
IG_PDF_destination_get_explicit_attrs Gets a destination's fit type, destination rectangle, and zoom factor.
IG_PDF_destination_get_named_attrs Gets a destination's named attributes.
IG_PDF_destination_get_type Gets a destination's type.
IG_PDF_destination_remove Removes a view destination object.
IG_PDF_destination_resolve Resolves a destination.
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