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Handle to the PDF word object. A word in a PDF file. Each word contains a sequence of characters in one or more styles (see Style).


IG_PDF_word_get_char_offset Returns a word's character offset from the beginning of its page.
IG_PDF_word_get_char_style Returns a PDF Style object for the specified style in a word.
IG_PDF_word_get_charquad Gets the quad, expressed in user space coordinates, for a specific character from a word.
IG_PDF_word_get_length Gets the number of bytes in a word.
IG_PDF_word_get_quad Gets the specified word's quad, specified in user space coordinates.
IG_PDF_word_get_quad_count Gets the number of quads in a word.
IG_PDF_word_get_string Gets a word's text and also converts ligatures to their constituent characters.
IG_PDF_word_get_style_transition Gets the locations of style transitions in a word.
IG_PDF_word_delete Deletes a word object.
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