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Handle to the PDF page object. A single page in the PDF representation of a document. A page contains a series of objects representing the objects drawn on the page (Graphic), a list of resources used in drawing the page, annotations (Annotation), an optional thumbnail image of the page, and the beads used in any articles that occur on the page.


IG_PDF_page_get_content Creates HIG_PDE_CONTENT from HIG_PDF_PAGE.
IG_PDF_page_get_crop_box Gets the crop box for the page.
IG_PDF_page_get_rotation Gets the rotation for the page.
IG_PDF_page_make_color_separations Separates hPage's DeviceN colorants into individual layers.
IG_PDF_page_set_content Sets the page's PDF content back into the HIG_PDF_PAGE object, using the same compression filters with which the content was previously encoded.
IG_PDF_page_release_content Decrements HIG_PDF_PAGE's PDF content internal reference count.
IG_PDF_page_get_annotation_count Gets the number of annotations on a page.
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