This section describes how to do scanning in RasterMaster Java. The Scanning sample gives a quick demonstration of how to use the scanning methods.

Using the Java Scanning Interface

The Java scanning interface is used in conjunction with the RasterMaster Imaging SDK DLL. The file used is called scandll.dll. This file is the interface between the DLL and RasterMaster Java.

Installing scandll.dll

The easiest way to put this in your path is to place the file in your \Windows\System32 directory. The RasterMaster native DLL should also be in your path.

Using the scanInterface.class for JNI Declarations

When writing a Java application that uses the scanning DLL, you must always use the scanInterface class. This makes the scanning calls to the native product. Since this has the JNI declarations of the scanning calls, these calls mirror the calls in the native library.


For the full SDK reference, please see the RasterMaster Java API.

  • IMG_scan_acquire()
  • IMG_scan_acquire_feeder()
  • IMG_scan_feeder_close()
  • IMG_scan_open_source()
  • IMG_scan_get_source_list()
  • IMG_scan_pages()
  • IMG_scan_get_cap()
  • IMG_scan_set_cap()
  • IMG_scan_set_caps()
  • IMG_scan_setup()
  • IMG_get_scanned_image_bytes(int)
  • IMG_get_scanned_image(int)