This section describes how to convert an image to a different file format and the available convert and save methods for the Snow.Snowbnd class.

The fastest way to get started is to run the SingleConversion sample that is included with this product. The SingleConversions sample converts any supported document type into the file format you request and then displays it. For additional samples, please see RasterMaster Java Samples.



For the full SDK reference, please see the RasterMaster Java API.

  • IMGLOW_write_tiff_stream(Dib_Headlpbi, byte, int, int, String)
  • IMG_create_thumbnail(int, int)
  • IMG_decompress_bitmap(String, int)
  • IMG_decompress_bitmap(java.awt.Image, \int)
  • IMG_decompress_bitmap(, int)
  • IMG_decompress_bitmap_fd(String, int, int)
  • IMG_decompress_bitmap_stream(String, int)
  • IMG_decompress_bitmap_stream_onthefly(String, int, java.awt.Container)
  • IMG_decompress_fax(, int, int, int, int, int)
  • IMG_decompress_fax(java.lang.String, int, int, int, int, int)
  • IMG_decompress_multipage_bitmap_stream_onthefly(String, int, java.awt.Container)`
  • IMG_save_bitmap(String, int)
  • IMG_save_bitmap(byte, int)
  • IMG_save_bitmap(byte, int, int, int)
  • IMG_save_bitmap(int, int, int, int)
  • IMG_save_document(String, byte, int)
  • IMG_save_document(byte, byte, int)