This section describes the RasterMaster Java color manipulation methods. The quality of the conversion is determined by the input and output dots per inch resolution and the output compression type. If you go from a higher to a lower resolution or a lossy compression type, then the quality of the image will degrade. Use color reduction methods to create a lower image quality that is smaller in size and is speedier to process.

Please note that some formats only support a certain number of bits per pixel, so you may get an unsupported pixel depth error when trying some of these methods. Please see Supported File Formats for the pixel depths of each supported format.


For the full SDK reference, please see the RasterMaster Java API.

  • IMG_antique_effect(void)
  • IMG_color_gray(void)
  • IMG_deskew_bitmap(int)
  • IMG_despeckle_bitmap(int)
  • IMGLOW_detect_color()
  • IMG_diffusion_mono(void)
  • IMG_histogram_equalize()
  • IMG_invert_bitmap(void)
  • IMG_promote_8(void)
  • IMG_promote_24(void)
  • IMG_remove_red_eye(int, int, int, int)
  • IMG_thresh_mono(int)
  • IMG_rgb_to_cmyk(void)
  • IMG_sharpen_bitmap(int)