RasterMaster® is the industry’s leading document/image conversion and imaging library for Java. It is continually enhanced with new functionality and formats and was developed by our experts who have nearly a hundred years of combined imaging expertise.

High-Speed File Conversion

RasterMaster® is the fastest file conversion SDK on the market. Users can quickly convert files on the fly for viewing or batch convert large amounts of document types. Special features, including conversion via Byte Array is also available for high performance applications.

Extensive Format Support

AFP, DWG, JPEG, MO:DCA, PDF, MS Office, TIFF, SVG, PNG, and hundreds more document types are supported. Convert any format to PDF or TIFF to ensure universal compatibility. RasterMaster® also includes both PDF/A and SVG output support, enabling long term archiving and high resolution viewing.

Technical Information

RasterMaster® is available for Java on all computing platforms, including Unix, Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Responsive Support

All of Accusoft’s products are backed by responsive support. Our expert, responsive internal support team is available to answer your questions and help you install our HTML5 viewer and conversion SDK. A support portal is also available 24x7 for questions and information at https://snowboundsupport.force.com/SupportPortal/CommunityLogin.