This section describes annotations for RasterMaster Java. The Viewing and Annotations sample is an image viewer that demonstrates the following image manipulations: altering the viewable size, changing the orientation, changing the size and resolution, making corrections, and flipping through pages of a multi-page file. You can find the sample in the \Samples\com\snowbound\samples directory.

This sample also demonstrates several annotation methods, such as adding edits, bitmaps, lines, sticky notes, and more through a variety of methods. These annotations can be in both text and graphic format.

Overview of Annotations for the Java™ Platform

The RasterMaster annotation toolkit is a Java class library for adding text, lines, highlights, and other annotations to bitmap images. The annotations are read and saved as a separate file so they can be added or edited independently of the bitmap image.

The display allows normal zooming, panning, and scrolling of the bitmap image with annotations drawn on top. The toolkit provides a number of built-in user interface methods for adding and editing annotations.

The Annotation toolkit works like the imaging library; simple Java methods are used to perform the functionality. The developer can layer the annotations. Currently, annotations may be placed on the image, read, written to a file, deleted, resized, and moved.

To create a new Annotation object or read from a file, start by using the standard SnowAnn constructor below.

SnowAnn  Sann  =  new  SnowAnn(simage.getWidth(),  simage.getHeight());

Annotation Classes for the Java™ Platform

The annotation classes for the Java platform are listed below. For more information on the annotation classes, click on one of the links below to see detailed class information:

  • Snow.SnowAnn
  • Snow.SANN_RECT