This section describes how to input documents and images and describes how to use the format hash for the Java platform. It also describes how to work with PDF and other document file formats in RasterMaster® SDK products.

Determining the Document’s Format and its Capabilities

The format hash methods provide an easy way to get information about supported formats in the RasterMasterJava.

To use these methods, you must first create the FormatHash class as follows. This class maintains the set of valid RasterMaster file formats.

To get instances of this class, use the static method getInstance().

FormatHash fh = FormatHash.getInstance();
Format faxFormat = fh.getFormat ("TIFF_G4_FAX");
int faxCode = faxFormat.getFormatCode();



For the full SDK reference, please see the RasterMaster Java API.

  • getInstance()
  • getAvailibleSaveFormats()
  • getAvailibleSaveFormats(String)
  • getFormat(int)
  • getFormat(String)
  • getFormatCode(String)
  • getFormatExtension(int)
  • getFormatExtension(String)
  • getFormatName(String)
  • isValidMultiFormat(int)
  • isValidMultiFormat(String)
  • isVectorFormat(int)
  • canSaveBitDepth(int)
  • getDisplayName()
  • getExtension()
  • getFormatCode()
  • getFormatName()
  • isMultipage()
  • isTiff()
  • isVectorFormat()
  • toString()
  • getErrorMessage(int)
  • IMGLOW_set_document_input(int dpi, int bits_pix, int format);
  • IMGLOW_set_pdf_output(int xsize,int ysize);
  • IMGLOW_set_fontmap_path(String)
  • IMGLOW_set_fontmap(byte[], int)
  • IMGLOW_set_overlay_path(String)