The Text Rubber Stamp functionality is enabled when the enableTextRubberStamp parameter is set to true and the config.js file contains one or more defined Rubber Stamps.

The system will allow for a limited number of Rubber Stamps with the upper limit of available Rubber Stamps set at ten. To disable this functionality, set the textRubberStamps parameter to false in the config.js file as in the example below:

var enableTextRubberStamp = false;

The system administrator has the ability to set the following pre-defined font characteristics for Rubber Stamps:

  • Font Face: (Helvetica, Times New Roman, Arial, Courier, Courier New)
  • Font Size: (Any valid integer in range of 2-176)
  • Font Color: (Any valid HTML color code, specified in hexadecimal)
  • Font Attributes: (Normal/Bold/Italic)

Please see the following example for how we configure the two Rubber Stamps “Approved” and “Denied”:

var textRubberStamps = [
{ textString: "Approved",
  fontFace: "Times New Roman",
  fontSize: 30,
  fontBold: true,
  fontItalic: true,
  fontColor: "00FF00" }
{ textString: "Denied", fontColor: "FF0000" }

Any font characteristics not defined by the system administrator will use the following default system characteristics:

{ fontFace: "Arial",
  fontSize: 12,
  fontColor: "FF0000",
  fontAttributes: "Normal" }