The default appearance for a text annotation looks like a yellow sticky note. If you prefer a different look, the annotationDefaults config.js configuration parameter sets the default and is customizable.

Please see the following example:

// Default appearance options for annotations
  annotationDefaults: {
  lineColor: "FE0000",
  lineWidth: 3,
  fillColor: "FE0000",
  stickyFillColor: "FCEFA1", // yellowish
  stickyMargin: 10, // also need to adjust .vvStickyNote in webviewer.css
  highlightFillCOlor: "FCEFA1"
  redactionFillColor: "000000",
  redactionOpacity: 0.5, textString: "Text",
  fontFace: "Arial", fontSize: 14, fontBold: false,
  fontItalic: false,
  fontStrike: false, // for future use
  fontUnderline: false, // for future use
  fontColor: "000000"

The system administrator has the ability to set the following default values for annotations:

  • Line color
  • Line width
  • Fill color
  • Sticky note fill color
  • Sticky note margin
  • Text string
  • Font face
  • Font size
  • Font bold
  • Font Italic
  • Font strike

Configuring the Annotations Checkbox

To set the Annotations checkbox in the Export dialog box, set the exportBurnAnnotations parameter to true in the config.js file as in the example below:

var exportBurnAnnotations = true;

Resize text annotations

In config.js, set the autoResizeTextAnnotations parameter to true to dynamically resize annotations. The default value is false.

Annotation commenting

Annotation commenting is display only. Export, Send, Email and Print will not display the annotation comments on the pages.

In config.js, set the enableAnnotationCommenting parameter to true to enable annotation commenting. Set the parameter to false to disable annotation commenting.

Annotation navigation

The annotation navigation buttons are enabled by setting the showAnnNavToggle config.js parameter to true. The default value is false.

Annotation redaction tags

Annotation redaction tagging assigns a categorical value to individual annotations or redaction. To configure your predefined list of annotation redaction tags, add the strings for your tags to the annotationTags array in the config.js file:

annotationTags: ["Confidential","Redaction","Social Security","Credit Info"],

In config.js, set the searchRedactionTags parameter to true to turn on search redaction tags. The default value is true.

Note: On the Include Annotations dialog box, the Text and Non-Text options are hidden from the Export Document, Email Document, and SaveAs Document sub-option by default.

To re-enable the Text and NonText option, change their respective entries from “display: none” to “display :! Important” in dialog.css:

div#vvExportOptionsAnnotationsTypeCheckboxes {
  display: block !important;

div#vvEmailOptionsAnnotationsTypeCheckboxes {
  display: block !important;

div#vvSaveAsOptionsAnnotationsTypeCheckboxes {
  display: block !important;