The Alfresco Connector for VirtualViewer® HTML5 provides an easy to setup link between your organization’s Alfresco instance and VirtualViewer.

For developers wishing to develop with VirtualViewer on Alfresco using the Alfresco Application Development Framework also known as ADF, you can now add support for VirtualViewer via npm! Please visit for info.

If you have any questions about developing using this framework, please contact our support department at or by phone at +1-617-607-2010.

Note: VirtualViewer only supports Viewed Documents and Specified Documents in the multiple documents view for the Alfresco connector at this time.

Note: These instructions assume a singular Tomcat instance for your Alfresco implementation. If you would like to run the VirtualViewer on distributed Tomcat, please see VirtualViewer on distributed Tomcat for Alfresco.