The Search tab is enabled by default. The Search tab is enabled by setting the showSearch config.js parameter to true. Set the parameter to false to disable the text searching tab. Please see the example below:

var showSearch= true;

To determine whether or not text searches should be case sensitive, set the searchCaseSensitive config.js parameter to true or false depending if you want case sensitivity turned on or off. The default value is false. See the example below:

var searchCaseSensitive = false;

Search default colors

You can configure the default colors for the first and second search match by setting the values for the searchDefaultColor and the searchSelectedColor in the vvDefines.js file found in the js directory as shown below:

vvDefines = {
  searchDefaultColor: "rgba(255,78,0,0.2)",
  searchSelectedColor: "rgba(255,255,0,0.2)"