Barcode Xpress Mobile for iOS
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
oCBXAuxFunctionsPerforms basic image operations for the barcode decoder
oCBXDemoAppDelegatePerforms application delegation responsibilies for BXDemo
oCBXDemoViewControllerControls and Displays the view presented to the user for BXDemo
oCBXInterfaceManages access to the camera, executes callbacks, and executes Barcode Xpress library functions to perform recognition operations on imagery gathered from the camera
oCBXResultDefines a barcode result returned by the iOS Barcode Xpress SDK
oCBXRuntimeDefines a class that handles the interactions between camera hardware, BXInterface (called by user programs), and the iOS wrapper around the native recognition library Barcode Xpress
oCBXThreadDataDefines a class to hold data that is transferred to/from the threads processing images using Barcode Xpress
\CBXThreadQueueDefines a class that manages the threads using Barcode Xpress to perform recognition and decoding of images