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Welcome to PrizmDoc Viewer - let's get started!

This topic walks you through the steps you need to get PrizmDoc Viewer installed, configured, and running. You will also be able to integrate a basic viewer into your web app.

Recommendation: The easiest way to get up and running for an evaluation is to select the PrizmDoc Cloud evaluation license. You can always start with PrizmDoc Cloud for the evaluation and then move to PrizmDoc Viewer Self-Hosted later.

It's important to understand the basic structure of PrizmDoc Viewer when it's embedded in your web app. PrizmDoc Viewer contains 3 essential pieces:

  1. PrizmDoc Server - PrizmDoc Self-Hosted or PrizmDoc Cloud - the back-end conversion engine
  2. PrizmDoc Application Services (PAS) - the connection point between the Viewer and the Server
  3. Viewer - the HTML viewer component



Key for diagram above:

Step 1 - Get an Evaluation License

PrizmDoc Cloud

Select this option if you want to host your back-end server with Accusoft:

PrizmDoc Viewer Self-Hosted

Select this option if you want to host your back-end server on premise:

Step 2 - Set up a Back-end 

PrizmDoc Cloud

PrizmDoc Viewer Self-Hosted

In this step, you will install PrizmDoc Server to set up the back-end:   

Step 3 - Install Viewer Assets & PAS

This step covers installing the Viewer Assets and PAS. After you complete the installation, you need to verify that the Viewer is connected to the back-end.   

PrizmDoc Cloud

PrizmDoc Viewer Self-Hosted

Now, try out a sample:


Step 4 - Integrate the Viewer with Your Application

The following sections help you create a Viewing Session, embed the Viewer, and integrate your web application with PAS:   

Step 5 - Implement & Configure our Top Features

This section will help you implement our top features quickly based on your role:


The following additional resources are available: