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Test the Form Set
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Once your form set is created, defined, and saved, you're ready to process your filled-in forms against it.


To process a filled form against a for set, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Process Forms button on the toolbar or select Tools > Process Forms from the menu bar.
    FormAssist with focus on Process Forms toolbar button

    FormAssist with focus on Process Forms toolbar button

  1. Select one or many filled-in forms to compare/process against the current form set from the browsing dialog, then click Open.

    FormAssist allows you to process bitonal, grayscale, or color images, of filetype .tif, .bmp, .pdf, .png, or .jpg.

    Filled images which are not bitonal must be binarized by ScanFix Xpress using the Auto Binarize or Binarize checkbox on the ScanFix Xpress tab. Ensure that you perform binarization prior to any operations which require bitonal input (such as Despeckle).

    Click the Validate button on the ScanFix Xpress settings tab to know if you have operations which are out of sequence for your type of input.

    If you forget to binarize prior to processing a color image or a PDF, you will get the error message, "Failed to process image: this function does not support the bit depth of the current image.”

    See Form Set ScanFix Xpress Properties for details on the Auto Binarize checkbox. 

  1. Processing occurs automatically.        

    The Process Forms window is displayed. It shows the current progress in processing the selected forms.

    Process Forms window

    Process Forms window

    The first filled-in form image to be processed may take longer. Once the first image has been processed, processing quickens considerably.

Processing Form View

The lower end of the Process Forms window has the Processing Form View. This area displays the current filled-in form image number of the total images selected, the current form directory, and form name as well as the Next and Exit buttons to continue or end form processing at any time.

Processing Form View

Processing Form View

Results Pages

There are four tabs at the top of the Process Form window. These are results pages and are tabulated below with links to their respective topics that give detailed information.

Result Page Description
Test the Form Set This page displays an image view of the form that is currently being processed.
Identification This page lists the templates, rotation, confidence and number of matches against the current filled-in form being processed.
Field Results This page displays each field's analyzed results. By selecting a field in the Tree View, the field area on the image displays in the Image View with the analysis results displayed below the image in the Results View.
Timing Results This page displays the form status, time for each process and the number of form images processed and identified.


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