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    In This Topic

    ImGearFileFormats class provides the APIs needed to save a document/image. ImageGear only supports saving to a .NET Stream object that have the seek ability. If the save operation cannot be conducted, an exception with the following code is thrown: ImageGear.Core.ImGearErrorCodes.CANT_SAVE_FORMAT.

    If the document size is close to 2GB, the System.OutOfMemoryException will be thrown.

    Save a Single Page

    Use the SavePage method to a save a single page, as demonstrated in our LoadingAndSaving sample.

    Save a Document (Multiple Pages as a Document)

    For this purpose, use the SaveDocument method. See What's the Best Format for...? for a list of the multi-page formats supported by ImageGear. For an example using PDF and TIFF, see the MultipageTIFFtoPDFFile sample.