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    File Formats Reference
    In This Topic

    This section provides a reference for every imaging file format supported by ImageGear. Each file format page provides the following information:

    • Full Name - Full name of the file format.
    • Format ID - ImageGear constant that determines the file format ID used for loading this file in ImageGear-based application.
    • File Extension(s) - The extensions used for the file format.
    • Data Type - The type of the file format (raster, vector, metafile).
    • Data Encoding - The type of data encoding. Please see the section Encoding vs. Compressing.
    • ImageGear Multi-Page Support - Shows whether ImageGear supports the file format as multi-page or single page.
    • ImageGear Alpha Channel Support - Shows whether or not ImageGear supports the alpha channel for the file format.
    • ImageGear Supported Versions - Shows the versions of the file format supported by ImageGear.
    • ImageGear Supported Features - Shows the ImageGear format filter features supported by ImageGear for this format.
    • ImageGear Read Support - Provides all compressions, color spaces, channels, and bit depths supported by ImageGear for the file format reading.
    • ImageGear Write Support - Provides all compressions, color spaces, channels, and bit depths supported by ImageGear for the file format writing.
    • ImageGear Filter Control Parameters - Provides all filter control parameters supported by ImageGear for this format filter.
    • Comments - Some general information about format encoding and compression structure.
    • References Used - References to the information sources for the file format.

    Currently ImageGear supports the following file formats: 

    Format Read/Write Description Assembly
    BMP Read/Write Standard Windows format including OS/2 bitmap format ImageGear.Core.dll
    CLP Read/Write Windows Clipboard format for raster images ImageGear.Core.dll
    CUR Read/Write For reading Windows 3.x and Windows95 mouse cursor display ImageGear.Core.dll
    DIB Read/Write DIB (Microsoft Windows Device Independent Bitmap) ImageGear.Core.dll
    DNG Read Digital Negative file format ImageGear.Core.dll
    DOC Read Microsoft Office Word 97-2003 format. ImageGear.Formats.Office.dll
    DOCX Read Office Open XML Word format. ImageGear.Formats.Office.dll
    EML Read Internet Message Format for email documents ImageGear.Formats.Email.dll
    GIF Read/Write Graphic Image Format developed originally in accommodate the transmission of images via a modem; uses LZW compression algorithm. ImageGear.Core.dll
    JPEG Read/Write ANSI-standard, full-color image format; IG supports all aspects of this format including lossless and progressive; JFIF - industry standard header for JPEG compressed images. ImageGear.Core.dll
    MSG Read Microsoft Outlook Message format for email documents ImageGear.Formats.Email.dll
    PDF Read/Write Adobe PDF file format. ImageGear.Formats.Pdf.dll
    PNG Read/Write Portable Network Graphics, intended as successor to GIF ImageGear.Core.dll
    PPT Read Microsoft Office Power Point 97-2003 format ImageGear.Formats.Office.dll
    PPTX Read Office Open XML Power Point format ImageGear.Formats.Office.dll
    PS Read/Write Adobe PostScript file format. ImageGear.Formats.Pdf.dll
    RAW Read Header-less image ImageGear.Core.dll
    SVG Write Scalable Vector Graphics ImageGear.Core.dll
    TIFF Read/Write Tagged Image File Format. ImageGear supports every aspect of this format. ImageGear.Core.dll
    XLS Read Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003 format. ImageGear.Formats.Office.dll
    XLSX Read Office Open XML Excel format. ImageGear.Formats.Office.dll