ImageGear v26.3 - Updated
ImageGear.Core Assembly / ImageGear.Formats Namespace / ImGearSaveOptions Class / Filters Property

In This Topic
    Filters Property (ImGearSaveOptions)
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets filter settings to be used in a particular image saving operation.
    Public Property Filters As ImGearFileFilters
    Dim instance As ImGearSaveOptions
    Dim value As ImGearFileFilters
    instance.Filters = value
    value = instance.Filters
    public ImGearFileFilters Filters {get; set;}
    public: __property ImGearFileFilters* get_Filters();
    public: __property void set_Filters( 
       ImGearFileFilters* value
    property ImGearFileFilters^ Filters {
       ImGearFileFilters^ get();
       void set (    ImGearFileFilters^ value);

    Property Value

    ImGearFileFilters class object.
    If this property is not null, it overrides the global settings specified by ImGearFileFormats.Filters.

    This property can be used in a multithreaded application, in order to use different filter control parameters in different threads.

    The default value is null.

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